Works With LEAF But Not e-Golf For Now

Works With LEAF But Not e-Golf For Now

Over in the UK, the string of Ecotricity CCS fast chargers manufactured by DBT-CEV have been found to be incompatible with the Volkswagen e-Golf.

"The first UK customers taking delivery of a new Volkswagen e-Golf over the coming weeks may encounter problems with fast-charging, Autocar has learned."

"The electric Golf, which is fitted with ‘Combined Charging System’ DC rapid-charge functionality as standard, is currently incompatible with many of the ‘CCS’ charging installations already in place on the UK motorway network and operated by sustainable power provider Ecotricity."

The issue is reportedly linked to a "software problem with the chargers prevents them from establishing a connection with the car, and starting a charging session."

Volkswagen, Ecotricity and DBT-CEV are working as quickly as possible to address the problem.

Volkswagen offer this statement on the situation to Autocar:

“A software issue with some DC fast-chargers means that they currently will not charge the e-Golf. In our testing with similar chargers, they operated as required. We are working with the manufacturers of the units to come to a solution. Volkswagen e-Golfs can of course also be charged using widely available AC charging using either a standard Type 2 connector or indeed a domestic three-pin socket.”

The e-Golf reportedly has no issues charging from ABB fast chargers in the UK, nor with any other CCS fast chargers installed around the globe.

The problem seems to be solely linked to Ecotricity and its DBT-CEV fast chargers.

Ecotricity states:

"VW and DBT are working on a solution that will update the software throughout the network, allowing e-Golfs to charge on the electric highway. This should be completed within the next week or two.”

There are no reported issues with the BMW i3 or VW e-UP! charging from the Ecotricity CCS units, so this problem appears to be linked solely to the e-Golf and this specific set of UK CCS fast chargers.

Source: Autocar

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