Currently you would expect to find Fiat's 500e in only two places - California and Oregon (starting this summer).

IoGuido's Fiat 500e In Turin (via GreenStart)

IoGuido's Fiat 500e In Turin (via GreenStart)

Now, you can find the all-electric EV taking up residence at its home - in Italy!

The good fellows at GreenStart were kind enough to tweet us a shout-out to some photos and the story behind the car's appearance in one of our favorite places to visit in northern Italy - Turin.  (Turin is also where Fiat's HQ is located)

Thankfully, our Italian is finally put to good use as we can report that although the car is not on sale in Italy, it is part of the car sharing service IoGuido.

In total, six vehicles have been put into service so far, bringing IoGuido's fleet up to 126 cars.

As far as future EV sales go in Italy...or anywhere other than California or Oregon, Fiat says it still has no plans to expand sales past US compliance;  which is consistent with CEO Sergio Marchionne's recent pep talk with the American consumer earlier this year to please "Don't Buy It", as the company reportedly loses $14,000 every time they sell one.

As a point of interest, just under 1,500 highway capable plug-ins were sold in Italy in 2013, with about 750 through the first 6 months of this year.


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