Bjørn Nyland talks about Tesla Model S battery degradation after 33,000 miles (almost 53,000 kilometers).

"If my calculations are correct, 0.5 % degradation or 2 km of typical range. That's 10 times better than Tesla Roadster. For a more correct test though, a 100 % range charge has to be done."

As you will see in the video above, the total degradation on his battery pack is 0.5%.

Some technical data, as well as a detailed rundown and on how Bjørn arrived at his calculation is found in the video.

From what we can analyze, with proper battery maintenance and care, there should be no concern over battery packs not lasting the life of the Model S with an acceptable level of degradation.

With the long range of the Model S, battery degradation should not meaningfully impact the capabilities of the vehicle even after a rather long period of time.

For more info on Model S range and degradation, check out a 60 kWh Model S owner's experience with similar miles.

Model S owners...How is your range and battery degradation?  How many miles?

Bonus Bjorn "How I killed two Lithium batteries" video below:


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