Sample "Move Over" Headline

It seems Tesla Motors must "watch out" these days for the latest "Tesla killer" in the works.

If Tesla isn't watching out, then it needs to "move over" for the Tesla-beating electric something or other.

We found the collection of "watch out," "move over," "look out," and "step aside" headlines collected by Teslamondo to be rather amusing, especially since few of these "Tesla killers" have never or will ever see the light of day.

I mean, be honest here, have you ever heard of the K1 Evelio electric sportscar?  Apparently, Tesla needs to "watch out" for that one.

Follow the link below for a look at the rather comical headlines that we're oh so sure Tesla is watching out for.

Sample Watch Out Headline

Sample Watch Out Headline

Hat tip to Nick M!!!!

Source: Teslamondo

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