So Much Useable Cargo Space

So Much Useable Cargo Space

The second electric Nissan (e-NV200) introduced on the German market starts from 25,058 + VAT (batteries included) or even 20,300 if battery pack is rented.

To convince entrepreneurs that this is good choice instead of ICE version for half the price, Nissan is presenting entrepreneur reviews.

One of them is from Frische, a company which supplies fresh fruits and vegetables in North Germany.  The feedback is positive, with comments implying that the car is quiet, smooth to drive and cheaper to operate.

The remaining question is how well it will sell.

"Frische has been supplying the North Germany catering industry for over 28 years with fresh fruit and vegetables. With over 100 employees, we hear from one of their directors about how they use the fully electric Nissan e-NV200."

"Not only is driving electric integral to Frische's sustainable philosophy, its benefits are what makes the business tick. Whether it's the vehicle's large capacity, cheaper cost, silence or charging process, it suits their needs perfectly. Plus it's environmentally friendly too!"

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