Production Heading to 100K

Production Heading to 100K

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry toured of Tesla Motors' Fremont factory in late August.  Below are some of his observations from inside:

  • Activity in Tesla's factory lobby was extremely high, with both European and Asian suppliers inside.
  • Employees appeared motivated, passionate and enthusiastic
Chowdhry observed the following categories of battery packs:

Stationary Batteries

  • Residential: 10kWh
  • Commercial:400 kWh
  • Utility/Grid: > 400 Kwh
Automotive Batteries
  • 85 kWh for Model S
  • 60 kWh for Model S
Battery cells are assembled into modules and then into complete battery packs on the 2nd floor of the factory.  An entire area is set aside for stationary battery packs.

Self-Driving (Auto-Pilot) Teslas

Chowdhry observed  an area within the factory labeled "Driver Assist."  He suspects this is set aside for auto-pilot development for future Tesla vehicles.

What we're wondering is whether or not Tesla Motors is now utilizing more than 40% of the square footage within its Fremont factory.  We bet it's close to 50% now.

Source: Street Insider

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