GE WattStation

GE WattStation

Intertek Transportation Technologies recently released a video presenting glimpses of interoperability testing between electric vehicles & charge stations.

In this project, Intertek is testing in Michigan a lot of EVSE models from different manufacturers and with different capabilities with 11 electric cars, all compatible with J1772 AC standard.

Besides standard interoperability tests, including communication and electric connection, there will be even lightning strike simulation.

The test schedule is full up to the end of 2014 and then a full report will be released, so it promises to make for some interesting reading on winter evenings.

"Intertek Transportation Technologies is currently undergoing a unique interoperability test program using 11 different electric vehicles and a wide variety of charging stations. This is a government-funded project to proof out the SAE J2953 standard and how the car and the charger talk to each other through communication lines as well as giving readings on voltage, current and timing patterns."

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