Edmunds gives us a walk around and review of the new BMW i3.

As one would expect, all of the i3's key points are discussed along with why the i3 is unlike any other BEV in comparison to the Nissan LEAF, Ford Focus Electric, and if you are comparing the i3 with REx, the Chevrolet Volt.

Aside from a higher price than its closest competitors, it seems that most agree that the price is worth it, with its aluminum frame and carbon fiber body cell… And its a BMW!

You can expect the i3 to have some high-tech features that make it stand alone against other EVs.

As Edmunds mentioned, the inside and out of the i3 looks very futuristic. However, looks are subjective, so to each his/her own.

Let us know your opinion on the i3 in Comments below.  If you are interested in Edmunds' written i3 review, along with further details - (Check that out here).

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