BMW i8 Production

BMW i8 Production

We are providing a quick update on BMW i US production figures for the month of July and August due to popular demand.

As previously reported, the range-extended (REx) version of the i3 has been produced and sold in greater numbers than the all-electric trim (BEV). The ratio was 3:2 in favor of the REx at some point.

Although there were signs of accelerating demand for the all-electric version in June, this was unexpected, and considered to be an anomaly. Enter the month of July, when the 100% electric version has clearly outpaced its plug-in hybrid brother. And even more surprisingly, this trend seems to extend into August as well.

With that said, the Leipzig factory has produced 5,500 i3s for the US market so far this year. While about 1,500 i3s have been delivered to customers so far, and another 1,500 are likely in transit, we should see approximately 2,000 vehicles in unsold inventory. This seems to be corroborated by a report from, which lists about 1,500 cars in inventory on dealer lots. How these developments will affect August sales figures for the i3 we can only guess, but given the mounting inventory, BMW NA might want to take advantage of short-term sales incentives to clear the channel.

While the preliminary production figures for the month of August have seen a significant slow-down, this likely not reflective of diminished demand. Many businesses in Germany allow employees to take summer vacation in August, and operate on a different schedule, which could explain the sudden change in production volume. Conversely, July was the busiest month on record, and the factory in Leipzig sent 1,200 i3s to US shores in a span of five weeks.

Meanwhile, the BMW i8 has seen a sharp jump in US production volume, which has reached a run rate of about 100 units per month. If this pace holds, a lot of us should start seeing this futuristic sports car on the road very soon. An exciting perspective!

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