Bjørn Nyland's recent Autobahn adventure with his P85 Tesla Model S wasn't thrillful enough?

Bjørn had the eventful opportunity to have a go around the Nürburgring/Nordschleife. The track consists of different types of turns, bends, uphills, downhills, and straightaways.

This track is sure to put the Model S to the test

Throughout the video, you will see that there is a perfect view of the center screen display and the instrument cluster of what exactly is going on while he puts his P85 Model S through many different variations of acceleration and braking.

Note that Bjørn did not push the Model S to the max.  As he stated in the video's description:

Bjørn Nyland driving Tesla Model S 85 kWh Performance on Nordschleife for the first time. I had to take it easy around the track so we could make it safely back home to Norway.

Average usage around the ring: 516 Wh/km.

Settings: Suspension: low for most of the ring Regen: low Range mode: off

Steering wheel: comfort

Completed in 11:34.28 with his driving style and settings.

Completed in 11:34.28 with his driving style and settings.

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