Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

For quite awhile Ford has been able to claim the title of having the 'most American' vehicle available for sale in the US.  However, a recently piece by The Motley Fool highlights that is likely to change soon.

"Ford retained its bragging rights this year on Cars.com's just-released annual list of the top American-made cars. The F-150 ranked first, thanks to continued strong sales and domestic-parts sourcing. But one new American automaker soon may be poised to become more red, white, and blue than any other manufacturer in the world: electric-car maker Tesla Motors."

Motley Fool argues that once the Tesla gigafactory is up and running, Tesla Motors will hold all bragging rights to most American-made automobiles:

More American-made than the F150?

Today, Tesla claims that its electric sedan has about 55% American- and Canadian-made content. But the vehicle is about to get an American-made boost.

After the Gigafactory is built, and thanks to Tesla's proposed efforts to source Gigafactory materials from the U.S., about 90% of Model S content could come from the U.S -- a figure that would beat out any other vehicle sold in the Land of the Free.

Ford won't be thrilled by the America-made takeover, as the automaker often relies on this American-made aspects in its various F-150 commercial.  So, either Ford will up the American-madeness (definitely not a real word) of the F-150 or Tesla will steal the crown in a few year's time.

Source: The Motley Fool

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