2014 Zero FX

2014 Zero FX

Motorcycle.com awarded the Best Electric Motorcycle of 2014 title to Zero SR.

This is second time that Zero Motorcycles grabs the top place as last year Zero S was ahead of Brammo Empulse R. This year, the new model Zero SR, which is a performance version of Zero S, prevented the improved Brammo Empulse R from taking revenge.

"The SR’s increased power comes from an upgraded motor with higher amperage (660 vs. 420) and higher-temp magnets to help deal with the added oomph. However, the SR also benefits from a 43mm fork upgrade seen on the entire Zero lineup, dramatically improving its handling. A revised dash layout and steel-braided brake line both add useful functionality. Of course, Zero topped it off by distinguishing the SR in the world’s fastest color: red."

Honorable Mention went to Zero FX,

"A few months on, we took an FX supermotoing against a Suzuki DR-Z400SM and were impressed with the performance of the e-bike relative to a gas-powered rival. The FX was impressive each time we tested it, highlighting its multi-use capabilities – on the street, in the dirt, or both. The FX’s versatility exceeds its pavement-only kin, the class winning SR, and the ability to swap batteries in seconds is a feature not seen anywhere else."

Here are reviews of both electric bikes:

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