Remember that recall affecting approximately 8 weeks of LEAF production in which the possibility of missing welds would lead to Nissan replacing the LEAF free of charge?

Well, Consumer Reports has an update on the status of that recall.

According to Consumer Reports, some 50 or so LEAFs affected by the missing welds never got out of the factory.  Those vehicles were scrapped after failing inspection and before appearing in the wild.

Additionally, some affected LEAFs have been brought in to dealerships and have been replaced free of charge.  Those affected LEAFs are reportedly being sent straight to the crusher, which makes sense to us since the vehicle's structural integrity (and crash safety) is directly affected by the missing wleds.

Consumer Reports adds:

"If you have a Nissan Leaf built between Feb. 28, and March 12, 2014, you should check with your dealer ASAP and see if it’s part of the recall. If it is, take it in as soon as possible to be inspected."

2014 Nissan LEAF Dealer Inspection/Repair Instructions

2014 Nissan LEAF Dealer Inspection/Repair Instructions

Source: Consumer Reports

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