About six months ago, we unselfishly went to Disneyland in California to report on the first public charging station installations at a Disney theme park.

Now another park, Epcot in Florida, has followed Disneyland's lead.

In total there is 4 charging spots, located in the "Journey" section of the parking lot - which loosely translated into English means 'the good spots'.  

The units are on a first-come, first-served basis, so unless you really enjoy waiting for the park to open in the morning, you are probably not going to find an open plug.

Still, it's a good first step in building up the plug-in infrastructure at the Disney empire in Florida, and we hope to see more units in the future.

The units can be activated with a ChargePoint or credit card. The cost of use is $.35 per kw/h, with a minimum charge cost of $1.50.

Editor's Note:  Once again, we will shortly be sacrificing our own free time, and packing our bags to travel to Florida to ensure these units are performing properly.  Look for a follow-up story so my vacation can be written of for benefit of our readers.

Raphael over at DaMouse emailed us about their coverage of the units as well, noting the following video walk through (with our thanks):

OrlandoParksNews, Some more photos can be found at Theme Park University (Hat tip to Brian!)

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