"During every Car Week, a fairly wild supercar collection can be seen around town; this year highlighted by the full green McLaren P1 with green paint, carbon, wheels and interior! In addition a mint green Rolls Royce Wraith, a yellow Ferrari 458 Speciale and a fairly original BMW i8 in white."

"The cars being to supercar collector Michael Fux, and can be seen here on display on the street in Carmel, California."

States the video description.

Shmee, a well known YouTuber, gives us another installment of some very interesting and unique vehicles at an event in California.

More specifically a McLaren P1 and a BMW i8. Not a whole lot to say in regards to i8.  If you're interested in more on the i8, then check out this Shmee video of the i8 here.

The McLaren P1 on the other hand is a different story. Already with a price of over a $1 million dollars, the owner further modified it with a unique color scheme.

Along with these 2 vehicles, there are a few other cars in the same line, all of which belong to the same person. Quite a car collection!

You can also enjoy 5 seconds of a white Tesla Model S before he zooms in to view a unique McLaren F1.

So, out of the plug-in vehicles in this video, which one is your favorite?

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