YouTuber, Amund7 gives us a close look at the Model S' air suspension in action as well as a look at the titanium underbody shields.

The Smart Air Suspension is an available option on the Model S, which replaces the standard strut suspension and currently costs $2,250, This option also requires the Tech Package ($3,750)

The air suspension allows the driver to raise and lower the vehicle manually via 17" touchscreen display and depending on the set speed, will automatically lower the Model S for improved aerodynamics. It also levels and adjusts stiffness accordingly to performance, road surface, and cargo.

The Titanium Underbody Shield was recently added as standard back in March 2014 and was later added to the Model S EVs already on the road from that point in time on, at no cost.

As you likely already know, the Model S battery pack lays at the bottom of the vehicle and the titanium underbody shields were an upgrade to even further reduce the chance of battery pack damage. There is also a 6mm armor plating for the battery pack that has been there since the Model S was released in 2012.

(You can read more onthe underbody shields here) & (Further information here)

To Model S owners with air suspension, are you enjoying your air suspension? Are there any drawbacks?


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