For the next five years, Terra Motors Corporation, "Japan’s leading innovator of electric two and three-wheelers," will have it "A4000i" model scooter available for sale in Tehran and Iran accompanied by Jahanro Industrial Co.

The A4000i also can connect to your smartphone.

The A4000i also can connect to your smartphone.

CEO of Terra Motors, Toru Tokushige stated:

“Jahanro Industrial Co. started from just a small motorcycle shop. But now it successfully became a distributor of Kawasaki, Bajaj, and TVS, with 1,000 employees and 200 dealers in Iran. We believe that this partnership will lead to great expansion of the electric motorcycle market in Iran.”

As regulations change in regards to emissions, the demand for all electric motorcycles increase. As the CEO of Jahanro Industrial Co, Alireza R. Bana adds:

“Tehran makes it into the 10 Most Air-Polluted Cities in the World."

“For the strategic plan to reduce air pollution, Deputy-Director of Transport & Traffic intends to ban all types of fuel-burning motorcycles from entering restricted areas of Tehran. And only electric motorcycles will be licensed to enter that area.”

Annually, ~ 800,000 gas motorcycles are sold in Iran. ~ 90% of those are Chinese-made, equaling a high-emission outcome. An all electric motorcycle will take care of the pollution issue Iran currently faces because it does not produce any emissions while in motion.

The all electric scooter has another benefit. In Iran, The price of fuel has gone up to 75% since 2010 and the subsidies were cut. This fuel price increase takes its toll on many of the people who live the country as many are jobless or under-employed. Wouldn't you rather have a low operating cost scooter (electric motorcycles) over one that costs much more to operate (ICE scooters)?

Terra Motors is eager to expand all across the globe to fulfill their goal of “Leading innovations with Electric Vehicles in creating clean & sustainable society.

The A4000i has many unique features that we think is worth looking at! (Check out more info here)

Source: EV News Report.

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