It's a simple survey question buried in a rather lengthy CNBC article titled "It's electric: Experts split on the future of EVs."

The results are rather shocking though when once considers that CNBC readers aren't necessarily the most up-to-date on the electric vehicle world.

Seeing 70% of the respondents choosing "yes" to the question of "Do you think electric cars will be mainstream in 25 years?" is unexpected, but we'll take it.

So, before 2040, EVs will be mainstream?  The question is, how do you define mainstream then?  For the sake of this survey, we believe the definition is something along the lines of EVs becoming mainstream when they meet or exceed the level of sales of a comparable ICE model.  By that definition, some EVs will certainly become mainstream well before 2040.

Back to the survey results though.  What's your takeaway from this survey in which the overwhelming majority believe that EVs will have staying power and compete in the mainstream in 25 years or less?

Source: CNBC

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