You know we love us some sales graphs/charts/numbers here at InsideEVs.

This one, in particular, shows in graphical form the month-to-month sales of the Chevy Volt and the Nissan LEAF.

We didn't stop there though.  From the monthly sales total, we extracted an exponential curve of the results.  This curve show that the LEAF is now surging above the Volt, despite the LEAF still being lower in total cumulative US sales.

Again (and although we used the word versus in the title), it is not really a competition; just some data points of interest.  Everyone wins as more plug-in vehicles are sold.

Cumulative sales since introduction:

  • Chevy Volt - 62,841
  • Nissan LEAF - 54,839

You can also check out some more US graphing of sales, including the model-by-model breakdown so far in 2014, here.

*For more electric vehicle related information from Mark Larsen (InsideEVs contributor and provider of this wonderful graph), check out his website here.

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