Through a Los Angeles-based car rental agency, you can now rent a Tesla Model S or a BMW i3.

MPG Car rental is located in Venice, California and offers these 2 (and many other) low-emission or emission-free vehicles available for rent.  The offering range from a Prius on up to a Model S and most everything in between.

If you are going to venture through Los Angeles, why not do it in electric style?

The i3, Model S, and many others available to you!

The i3, Model S, and many others available to you!

MPG Car Rental gives you the perfect opportunity to not only rent, but test out most of the "green" vehicles available on the market today.

For further information on the company, the available vehicles along with features and price rates and/or to reserve a vehicle, (check out MPG Car Rental's website by clicking here.)

So we ask: What will it be for you? The BMW i3, the Tesla Model S, or one of the other green vehicle offered by MPG Car Rental? Which vehicle would you choose and why?

Source: Yahoo Finance.

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