Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Okay, so it's not a record, but we hear so little of the Renault Zoe from their owners after they make a purchase that we figured why not pass this story along?

Frank Bauer, a Renault Zoe owner, racked up 20,000 km (12,427 miles) on the odometer of his beloved electric in less than one year.

That's impressive when one considers that Zoe, like LEAF and others, is a sub 100-mile electric that is also cutting its teeth in Europe.

Range for the Renault Zoe is listed at 210 km (130 miles ) NEDC.  Real-world range is more like 62 to 93 miles, according to Renault.

Assisting the Zoe is being a high mileage machine is its Chameleon charger that allows Zoe to be charged at essentially any level of power, taking between 30 minutes and nine hours.

We ask the Zoe owners out there, what's your current mileage?  How many miles have you been able to rack up in one year?

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