Electric Motor Werks Presents Free JuiceBox Offer To Californians

Electric Motor Werks Presents Free JuiceBox Offer To Californians

Our friends over at Electric Motor Werks sent us a note on a program that is now launching in California that can see plug-in vehicle owners get a "high power" charging station for free.

We spoke to Valery Miftakhov about the offer to get a JuiceBox EVSE - a 15kw / 60A Level 2 open source charging station - for free* and he noted that the program worked in conjunction with OhmConnect and there was actually a couple (fairly easy to jump) hurdles in qualifying to get the free unit.  (Sign up for that here)

  • California residency
  • reliable WiFi connection
Next you have to choose one of two programs to compensate for the cost of the unit:

Specifically, one of the programs will require you to sign up for the time-of-use tariff with your local utility - to be used only for your EV, so your house stays on the same plan as it is now. PG&E customers know this arrangement as 'EV9-B tariff' - only with us, you will not have to install a separate meter for your EV - the JuiceBox will be your meter. This pilot is administered by the CPUC and we have qualified as one of the participating companies. We are passing ALL the pilot payments from CPUC to you - this is how you get the FREE station under this program.

Another program will require you to give us partial control over your charging rate. We will use that capability to help manage supply-demand in the grid by modulating the rate of charge of your car. Don't worry - all operations will be conducted strictly per J1772 charging standard and there will be no danger to your vehicle at any time. We will also guarantee your vehicle to be fully charged by the time you need it in the morning. Furthermore, you would be able to override our control signals if you so desire. Under this program, the charging stations will be helping to stabilize our electric grid - the service for which we will be paid for by the grid management entities. This is how you get the FREE station under this program.

Don't like those two options?  Mr. Miftakhov says more will be added soon:

"We are also working on a couple of additional programs as we speak. Chances are that by the time we start processing your applications we will have 1-2 additional programs ready for you, as well.

Regardless of a specific program you will fall under, we think that a free 15kW EVSE is a pretty good deal, wouldn't you agree?  Now, unfortunately, there is a very limited number of free JuiceBoxes available at this initial stage. These will all be first come, first serve."

You can apply to be part of the program here, and accepted applications can expect the units to arrive in September or October.

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