Though it theoretically costs only $152,000 to order a Saleen FourSixteen (aka Saleen Tesla Model S), if you tick all the boxes, then the price skyrockets to over $245,000.

Problem is that most of the mods that Saleen made to the Model S on the performance side don't come as standard in the FourSixteen.

For example, to get the upgraded final drive and locking differential, those add $12,400 to the $152,000 base MSRP.  The coil-over suspension adds $6,000 and those trick carbon-ceramic rotors with upgraded calipers and pads will set you back a cool $14,550.

So, what does the base $152,000 buy you?  Mostly just the exterior modifications (body changes), enhanced cooling, Saleen badges and that's basically it.

You don't have to take our word for it though.  Check out the Saleen FourSixteen ordering guide to see how much the options really cost.



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