Some say Volkswagen isn't committed to plug-in vehicles.

Well, that attitude towards VW will likely die off soon, especially with advertisements such as the VW e-Golf "Goodbye Gas" spot seen a couple months back and this "Mythbuster" spot shown here:

"Myth #01: The driving range of an electric car isn't very far."

"The Mythbuster is getting pretty tired of hearing how you can only get to the end of your street in an e-car. Fortunately he's taken time out from his busy schedule to prove the myth wrong. All it takes is a little spin in an e-Golf."

Officially, Volkswagen says that the e-Golf has a range of "up to 190 km (118 miles) on a single charge," but as of yet no EPA rating is available.  A more reasonable range figure would be approximately 80 miles and even VW agrees with that:

“Depending on driving style and charging behavior, the average real world range for the e-Golf is between 70 and 90 miles, while maximum range is approximately 115 miles."

  • 85 kW electric motor
  • 24.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack

New Specs For 2015 e-Golf Released By VW, Launches Later This Year


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