Efficient Drivetrains Series-Parallel PHEV drivetrain

Efficient Drivetrains Series-Parallel PHEV drivetrain

California Energy Commission (CEC) recently granted three Natural Gas Engine-Hybrid Electric Research and Development projects ($900,000 each), among which was Efficient Drivetrains' project to develop parallel-series multi-mode Class-4 CNG-PHEV truck.

Efficient Drivetrains, co-founded by Professor Andy Frank from UC Davis, is partnering with Greenkraft to significantly lower the fuel usage:

"The effort combines EDI’s intelligent multi-mode PHEV powertrain (EDI-Drive) with Greenkraft’s CNG-powered 14,500-pound, Class-4 medium-duty truck, which is equipped with a 6.0L GM engine. EDI’s solution can improve the fuel economy of a conventional CNG-powered medium-duty truck by more than 40%, the company said."

"One of the goals of the project is to achieve approximately 29% thermal efficiency improvements compared to the baseline CNG-powered Greenkraft truck, and effectively triple the miles per gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) of the baseline CNG-powered Greenkraft truck from approximately 9 miles per GGE to 27."

The truck will be able to operate in all-electric mode for trips around the neighborhood, or series hybrid and parallel hybrid modes.

Source: Green Car Congress

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