Nissan came into June on the highest of highs.

  • 15 consecutive monthly sales record
  • all-time record (for any pure electric car - anywhere) of 3,117 LEAFs sold in May
For the actual month, Nissan sold another 2,347 LEAFS, which was a 5.5% improvement over the 2,225 sold last year.  So make that 16 months in a row.

Overall for the year 12,736 all-electric cars have been sold, which is also up a staggering 29% over 2013, when Nissan had sold 9,839 for the first six months of last year.

Vive la difference - Morningsky Blue (left) Takes Over From The Outgoing Blue Ocean

Vive la difference - Morningsky Blue (left) Takes Over From The Outgoing Blue Ocean

June also marked the beginning of deliveries on the new 2015 model year, which brings about no new significant range or feature changes, but does see the starting MSRP climb slightly.

Nissan noted that the state of Texas was largely to credit for the monthly win:

“Since the Texas state incentive went into effect in May, we’ve seen a big jump in LEAF sales in the Austin, Dallas and Houston markets,” said Toby Perry, Nissan’s director of EV Sales and Marketing. “Our dealers are telling us that they saw more traffic in their stores, and they had their best LEAF sales performance in the last weekend in June.”

As for the top markets in the US for June:

  1. Atlanta
  2. San Francisco
  3. Seattle
  4. Los Angeles
  5. San Diego
During the month Nissan also priced a replacement battery pack (finally) for current owners looking to 'renew' the capacity of their older LEAFs.  $5,499 plus the cost of installation gets you shiny new battery to reset the range on your electric Nissan.

As part of this pack replacement - and standard on all new 2015 models - the new 'lizard' chemistry cells are included in the pack.  The new 'lizard' battery makes the LEAFs cells more durable in extreme temperature situations and will allow for a longer life in areas like Arizona, Texas and Southern California.

Looking ahead into July Nissan may have some issues continuing their seemingly ever-improving monthly sales results, as inventory levels have dipped to a yearly low as the company was slow releasing the 2015 MY cars to dealers despite production of the model starting in April.

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