Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

This Sunday (August 17) in Monterey, California, Saleen will debut to the media and public its much-anticipated tuned Tesla Model S.

Now officially named the Saleen FourSixteen, Saleen Automotive states the following in regards to the unveiling:

 "Saleen Automotive Inc will be unveiling its highly anticipated all-electric Tesla Model S based vehicle at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance."

"Spectators, Automotive Enthusiasts, and Media will all have access to preview the new Saleen vehicle during the Sunday August 17th event. Additional details and images will be released shortly following this first ever viewing. As a first time public unveiling, the new Saleen vehicle will be on display on the Concept lawn."

In regards to the name and what to expect of the Saleen FourSixteen, Saleen adds:

"The Saleen FOURSIXTEEN concept is the first all-electric model by American supercar manufacturer Saleen Automotive. Utilizing the famed Tesla Model S, Saleen has artfully and technologically crafted a remarkable example of an electric drive supercar sedan."

"Drawing on the same American exotic heritage that inspired the Saleen S7 supercar; the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN Model S details a comprehensive list of aerodynamic, performance and technological upgrades."

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Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

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