Nissan LEAF in UK

Nissan LEAF in UK

UK is a good place to be when you're considering buying an electric car. Besides the £5,000 plug-in grant, there are free home charging stations.

Technically, the new £9m government scheme called OLEV covers 75% of a EVSE price up to £900 (instead of £1,000 previously).

However, in practice, companies are giving units away for free. One of the examples is Renault and now Chargemaster announced an EVSE for £0 plus free POLAR network membership for 6 months.

"In order to ensure all buyers and users of EVs get the best charging experience at home and across the national POLAR charging network, Chargemaster will not only continue to provide a free 3kW Homecharge Unit, but will also offer free POLAR membership for six months with any installation. Customers will also receive free online access to usage data**. The POLAR Network gives electric vehicle users access to thousands of charging points across the country, all of which can be accessed with a single card. The membership charge is usually £20 per year."

The OLEV funding scheme incentives will run until 31st March 2015, or at least until the total allocated funding has been spent (there will be at least 10,000 happy buyers).

The Chargemaster Homecharge unit

The Chargemaster Homecharge unit

David Martell, Chargemaster’s founder and chief executive confirmed its ongoing support for the UK government initiative:

“We are delighted to offer a free unit under the new scheme with support from the government. Chargemaster is not only subsidising the cost of the domestic unit, but also giving electric vehicle buyers greater flexibility to charge away from home with six months’ free access to the national POLAR Network. Being able to see one’s electricity usage at home and in addition across the POLAR network is all part of the high level of service that Chargemaster offers to support EV car buyers.”

“The ability for electric car drivers to have easy access to charging at home and across the UK is key to the reduction of carbon emissions nationally, as well as improving air quality, particularly in urban areas, so we are delighted to be doing our bit.”

According to Chargemaster, its Homecharge is the most popular domestic charging unit in Europe with over 20,000 delivered in the UK and throughout nine other European countries. Not bad considering another 10,000 public and commercial units installed.

"* 3kW Homecharge units are installed free in accordance with OLEV householder and owner requirements and subject to satisfactory survey. The unit can be specified with either Type 1 J1722 or Type 2 connector as required with a 4.5-metre tethered cable or a universal Type 2 socket. 7kW units can be installed at an upgrade cost of just £95. See for full terms and conditions."

** Free membership of POLAR and provision of usage data requires a standing order form to be completed and subscription charges will apply from six months from the date of installation. Usage charges will apply immediately on some charge points from date of issue of card. Sites incurring usage charges are shown on ."

Here is the Live Map of POLAR network in the UK:

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