The debate of choosing between the BMW i3 and the Nissan LEAF is alive and well.

First, there are many similarities and differences between the two vehicles as pointed out by GazetteLive in the UK.

Both the i3 and the LEAF have about the same charging times of 7-8 hours (Euro wall socket) and feature illuminated charging sockets, DC fast charging, and an average range of ~ 80-ish (+/-) miles on a single charge.

The Nissan LEAF in similar SL trim gives you the a cheaper mid-range BEV that's more simplistic, while the BMW i3 gives you some luxury, higher performance and more advanced features, but at a higher price.

In the US, the price of the entry level Nissan LEAF starts at $29,000, SL from $35,000, while the i3 starts just under $42,000. With both, there are available federal incentives up to $7,500 and some states offer an incentive as well.

The i3 has seating for 4, while the LEAF fits 5.

BMW i3.

BMW i3.

What it boils down to really is which vehicle suits your desires and fits into your budget.  It's great to have choices, isn't it?

GazetteLive recently put the BMW i3 up against the Nissan LEAF in a comparison test of sorts.  Here's the verdict section from that comparison:

1st place: BMW i3

"It’s hard not to be swayed by the BMW’s eye-catching looks and cleverly designed cabin. Yet look beyond the car’s arresting visuals and you’ll find an electric car packed with innovative engineering that’s sure to filter down to more mainstream models. The i3 is also fast, comfortable and practical, while electric range is long enough for most short commutes. The only black mark is reserved for its disappointing handling."

<em>Nissan LEAF.</em>

Nissan LEAF.

2nd place: Nissan LEAF

"As an eco-friendly family car that’s used for short, inner city journeys, the Leaf makes lots of sense – particularly in attractively priced entry-level guise. It’s also decent to drive, roomy and well equipped, while refinement and comfort are on a par with the BMW. Yet its styling and cabin aren’t up to the same standard, plus it’s not as quick. More importantly, the novel i3 makes the Nissan feel a little dated."

Be sure to check out the complete comparison test by clicking the source link below.

Source: GazetteLive.

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