GM's Mahoney Discussing Next-Gen Volt
Next-Gen Chevy Volt Teaser

Next-Gen Chevy Volt Teaser

Next-Gen 2016 Chevy Volt - The Truths

In all honesty, little is known of the next-gen 2016 Chevy Volt.

Sure, there's widespread speculation claiming it'll seat 5, or provide more than 50 miles of electric-only range or...

The speculative list goes on and on, but what's really known of the next-gen Volt?

Officially, General Motors has revealed that the next-gen Volt will debut at the 2015 NAIAS.  That it'll have improved "fuel economy and efficiency."  And that it'll be called the Volt.

Beyond that, Automotive News adds that this fact is confirmed too:

"The next-generation Chevrolet Volt will have a trunk and the word “Volt” on the back of it..."

Presumably we know that the next-gen Volt will have 4 wheels, more than 1 door, an interior and a steering wheel too, jokes Automotive News.

But really...that's all that is known.  The rest is speculative, as General Motors has done an impressive job keeping the next-gen Volt under wraps.

Source: Automotive News

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