Can you believe it? 100,000 miles on a Tesla Model S in 21 months! That sure is a lot of driving. All without 1 drop of gas.

TeslaRoadTrip sets out to show everyone (via a recent tweet) that a Tesla Model S is capable of road trips across the country and that you don't need a second (ICE or hybrid) vehicle to do it.

Using gas for a road trip is a thing of the past. Charging quickly and for free is what the Model S allows you to do using Tesla's Superchargers which TeslaRoadTrip takes advantage of.

Model S owners, how many miles are on yours? How is your overall experience with it?  Anyone else over 100,000 miles?

Current Supercharger Network. (8/12/2014)

Current Supercharger Network. (8/12/2014)

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