Outlook Mileage e-up! and e-Golf

Outlook Mileage e-up! and e-Golf

Volkswagen recently presented a summary of ranges on NEDC for e-up! and e-Golf electric cars with different battery pack capacities.

Currently, the vehicles are using 25 Ah cells, but VW provides an outlook up to 36 Ah.

As it turns out, increasing the battery pack in e-Golf by 44% (by using more energy dense cells) from 24.2 kWh to 34.9 kWh would increase NEDC range to 265 km or 165 miles.

Because NEDC is optimistic and typically real-world range is significantly lower than NEDC, to have a true 150 mile e-Golf there would be need to be at least 40 kWh (65% increase).

40 kWh car with 150 miles or so real-world range at an affordable price would surely be a bestseller.

Volkswagen just recently introduced the e-Golf and probably will not extend the range in the near term. The open question is, if Nissan will be able to provide the next-generation LEAF with a higher capacity battery pack for 150 miles range (at least as a premium over the base 80+ mile model)?

VW Future Mobility PDF

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