Volkswagen e-up!

Volkswagen e-up!

Volkswagen e-up! was introduced in Europe in 2013 and now in some coutries like Norway, is selling rather well.

But the original concept was presented in 2009. and in one of the latest Volkswagen presentations we can check out what changed in those four years.

The German carmaker decreased the battery pack size by 21% to 18.7 kWh (we recognize "size" as measured in kWh as capacity however we are not sure as VW is always stating the 18 kWh number), which would indicate that the original was close to the Nissan LEAF's 24 kWh. Anyways, this helped to reduce the weight by 7% to 1,139 kg (2,511 lbs).

With drag coefficient and rolling-resistance, both were improved by 6%, energy consumption went down by 23%. The range in NEDC stands at 150 km (93 miles).  However, the Nissan LEAF has 200 km on NEDC, so it would be better to assume 100 km range (or 62 miles).

The total material costs fell down by 16%.

With battery capacity set on the low level and all the efficiency optimization done, what could we expect to see in the future? Now, it's time to use more energy dense batteries and lower priced components...we hope.

VW Future Mobility

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