The recently announced Kubo by Lit Motors fills a niche for persons carrying/delivering good and city-type travel needs without ever needing a drop of gas.

LitMotors Kubo

LitMotors Kubo

As you can see in the pictures and in the video below, there are multiple ways for Kubo to carry several different desired items.

Lit Motors identified an issue with traveling and carrying various items and found a way to do it efficiently and at low-cost.

The release of the Kubo is aimed for late 2014 and has a projected cost/price tag of approximately $6,000.

Here are the current specs we know, per Lit Motors:

-45 mph top speed, up to 50 miles per charge

-3 kW high-torque rear hub motor with regen braking, front disc brake

-On-board charger: charge in a few hours from any standard outlet

-22″ square cargo area with rails, hooks, and loops to secure anything you want to carry

-300 lbs capacity, cargo + rider

-Adjustable height seat to accommodate riders from 5’0″ to 6’5″

-Small lockable stow compartment and under-seat storage, perfect for extra bungee cords, phone, etc.

-Integrated digital speedometer, odometer, and voltmeter (battery indicator)

-LED headlight and tail light

-Designed and manufactured in San Francisco, California

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