Tesla Grey Metallic Paint – left: original, right: new Grey (Source: <a href=Teslarati)" draggable="false">

Tesla Grey Metallic Paint – left: original, right: new Grey (Source: Teslarati)

According to Teslarati, Tesla Motors prepared minor updates/new features for the 2014 Model S this summer.

Among changes, we see a new version of the Gray exterior color and some interior changes:

"The Tesla Motors website now shows a new option on the order page that separates the Alcantara headliner from the Alcantara upper dashboard trim. The second option is new and is available when selecting the $1,500 Alcantara headliner upgrade."

"I wasn’t interested in the headliner, especially at that price, but I find it fascinating that Tesla thought it was desirable enough to break out as its own individual option."

On the other hand, the parcel shelf is now included for free for new buyers (instead of for $250). Model S owners still need to pay $250 post-delivery.

Parcel Shelf

Parcel Shelf

New Tesla Model S EVs have a new feature - an Ionizer, which moves lithium-ions from battery pack to passenger compartment cleans up particles that enter the cabin.

In other words, as Tesla is focusing on Model X and introducing Model S on new markets, there are no big improvements, just some minor tweaks.

Source: Teslarati