POD Point twin charge units at Beckton Sainsburys

POD Point twin charge units at Beckton Sainsburys

UK-based POD Point recently introduced a leasing offer for charging points in addition to purchasing.

In short, the description we found says that a 3-year lease prepared with Tower Leasing starts from £50 per month. This include the charging point, installation and Pay As You Go system for users.

"POD Point is the first company in Europe to offer a low cost way to offer electric car charging. We are working with Tower Leasing to offer a 3 year lease of our POD Point units.

From just £50 per month you can lease a POD Point, have it installed professionally and have access to our full PAYG facilities processing all charging payments and paying you a revenue each month. At a £2 Park and Charge fee per hour, it would only take two charges a day to cover your rental and energy costs, and then as the market grows you will start to generate a revenue."

Will this be viable and help to spread the infrastructure? In POD Point' opinion, two charges a day is enough to cover the lease fee if users are willing to pay £2 per hour (for several kWh per hour because we are talking about Level 2 AC charging points). But average usage is probably lower than a few hours a day, so we don't expect much from this leasing-model program..

However, we are interested in seeing if leasing will leverage the pace of installations. For now, POD Point operates a public network of over 1,000 charging points across the UK.

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