EPA Rating For Nissan LEAF

EPA Rating For Nissan LEAF

Mark Renburke, a Chevy Volt owner who lives in Connecticut, posted the following to the Chevy Volt Owners Facebook site:

"A recent post started me thinking - wouldn't it make more sense to rate electric range for both city and highway like gasoline cars? I think the positive effect on adoption based on the city range would outweigh the negative highway number, as most people are getting plug ins for urban driving anyhow. For example, the current Volt might be rated for 45 city AER and 32 highway, or the LEAF for 100 city and 65 highway. It would give people both more encouraging and realistic expectations. What do you think?"

Well...what do you think?  Would knowing the city and highway electric range of all plug-ins in America be a useful bit of information?

Mark adds that he's very interested in the responses and ideas" because his organization (Drive Electric Cars New England) is "gearing up for some major 1st-person education initiatives."  So, your input is greatly appreciated.

Collectively, we at InsideEVs feel this would be a step in the right direction.  Do you agree?

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