The video is a little older, but it's very detailed… get it? Detailed?

As you can see how dirty (contaminated) the paint is.

As you can see how dirty (contaminated) the paint is.

The Chemical Guys show us a video on how to take care of paint on a new vehicle. As you'll hear in the video, most car dealerships just wash the car, not necessarily detail it.

Lets face it.. Most of the time you will see cars on the lot that need a good cleaning as they've been sitting out in the open to attract whatever the environment throws at it. (

Not to mention, who wouldn't want to protect their vehicle from the sun and road debris?

The video above shows one how to achieve a wet mirror-like, blemish-free finish on a black Chevy Volt.  We all know how hard black can be to detail, but the end result seen here is evidence that if it's done right, black can't be beat.

Another way of auto detailing would be Opticoat. Not quite a DIY job. It has to be professionally done. (Check that out here)

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