Wonder How Many Prius Plug-In Owners Traded In For a Volt?

Wonder How Many Prius Plug-In Owners Traded In For a Volt?

"The Volt continues to draw buyers from non-General Motors’ products. In the 2013 calendar year, nearly seven of 10 new Volt buyers traded in a non-GM vehicle, the majority of which were Toyota Priuses."

Stated General Motors in a recent press release.

If the Volt is indeed so successful at conquest sales, then why not push it more in terms of marketing?

GM perplexes us.

On one hand, GM touts the Volt's amazing achievements, yet on the flip side General Motors claims this of the Volt: "It's not a mass-market vehicle."  What gives?

Conquest sales are what all automakers are after.  The Volt is likely GM's leader in conquest sales, so it's time to get behind this vehicle GM, especially since it's so damn spectacular:

Volt owners are driving more than 63 percent of their overall miles in electric vehicle mode, collectively logging more than 500 million gas-free miles since the Volt’s retail debut in 2010. That has saved more than 25 million gallons of gasoline.

While the driving range in EV mode can be affected by temperature, driving technique and terrain, the ease with which Volt drivers are avoiding gasoline use demonstrates the Volt’s suitability for almost any lifestyle.

Volt owners who charge regularly typically drive more than 970 miles between fill-ups and visit the gas station less than once a month.

The Volt has received multiple customer satisfaction awards from leading third-parties. According to a recent leading independent satisfaction survey, the Volt is the highest-rated compact car under $55,000. Owners are showing their satisfaction as well. For the past three years, a leading customer publication has reported survey results showing more than 90 percent of Volt owners said they would definitely buy a Volt again.

Instead of putting that in a press release, make the buying public aware of it.  Turn the marketing knob to 11.  The Volt will sell in volume.

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