Can't Beat That - Unfortunately This Lease Deal Expired Several Months Ago

Can't Beat That - Unfortunately This Lease Deal Expired Several Months Ago

In our inbox one day was this "press release" from a Nissan dealership.  The reason we decided to share it is because there's often lots of discussion as to whether or not dealers are interested/motivated to sell plug-in vehicles.

Some discussions even question whether or not dealers know how/the right way to sell plug-in vehicles.

So, peruse this "press release" then let us know in Comments if this is how you'd pitch the Nissan LEAF.  If not in this way, then put on your dealership hat and tell us how you'd do it differently.

Consumers finding Nissan Leaf to be ideal commuting vehicle

If someone asked you what the most popular electric car in the world was, what would you say? There are a few that would probably go through your mind, but with so many companies offering an electric option now, you might not know which one was most popular. Well, it turns out that on a worldwide scale, the Nissan Leaf is actually the most desired of the bunch.

While the Leaf may be the most popular on the largest scale, it doesn’t do too bad in America either. In Seattle, Wash., one local dealership continues to see increasing interest in the Leaf. Nissan of Auburn has stocked the Leaf from the beginning, and the professionals at the dealership will tell you that many customers have found the Leaf to be an ideal vehicle for a Seattle lifestyle. There are even more charging stations popping up in the area, which makes it even easier to travel longer distances with the Leaf.

With a full charge, drivers can expect to get approximately 84 miles out of their Leaf. This is what gives it the 126 MPGe city driving efficiency figure. The results may vary depending on driving conditions, but in general, the 84 miles is about what can be expected. And because of that, the vehicle is generally accepted as an ideal commuting vehicle for the area. And if a charging station is an option during the commute, the Leaf can travel much further.

In addition to its obvious efficiency, the Leaf also offers spacious seating for five, which is something consumers might not expect out of an electric vehicle.

For more information on the Leaf, or to inquire about owning one, consumers are encouraged to contact the professionals at Nissan of Auburn by calling 877-500-6185. The dealership can also be reached online at

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