Top 3 In Best Global Green Brands 2014

Top 3 In Best Global Green Brands 2014

Automakers took the top four spots in the 50 Best Global Green Brands list for 2014:

1. Ford

2. Toyota

3. Honda

4. Nissan

Battery maker Panasonic landed in fifth

How do the "green brands" get ranked:

"This year’s nominees were drawn from Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands report, which ranks the world’s 100 most valuable brands. The 50 companies on Best Global Green Brands list were ranked in two ways: on the strength of their sustainability initiatives and on how the public perceives those efforts."

So, criteria would then be:

  • World's Top 100 most valuable brands
  • Strength of sustainability initiatives
  • Public perception of sustainability initiatives
Definitely not scientific in nature and we do question how Interbrand can accurately determine public perception, but regardless we're thrilled to see automakers and a lithium-ion battery manufacturer clog up the Top 5 spots.

Source: Fortune

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