VW e-Up!

VW e-Up!

Volkswagen up! in November of 2013 broke into the top sales in Norway - all thanks to the electric version introduced in October (first 11 units were sold that in its debut month).

Taking advantage of a rare opportunity to compare electric and non-electric versions, we prepared a graph showing that majority of VW Up! sold in Norway are indeed of the electric version.

For first seven months of this year, the e-Up! holds a commanding lead over the ICE Up! at 78% (1,817 from 2,329).

This is probably the ratio we could expect (in Norway, at least) for any ICE model after applying high incentives for EVs.

Recently, the Volkswagen e-Golf got to the top of the sales chart in Norway with 391 registrations in July. This is 34.4% of all Golfs and we hope that 70-80% ratio is coming soon for this model too.

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