200 Buyers Purchased a Nissan LEAF From This Salesman

200 Buyers Purchased a Nissan LEAF From This Salesman

Sixty-nine percent of UK drivers would not consider buying an electric car, according to a survey conducted by Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Of course, that means that 31 % might consider buying an electric car, which is a promising figure for sure.

As IAM states in its press release:

"The most important factors deterring motorists from buying an electric vehicle were recharging (40 per cent), the distanced travelled on a battery (39 per cent) and cost (33 per cent)."

"Currently, less than one per cent of drivers already own an electric car or van."

"However, not all motorists are put off the idea of an electric vehicle. Thirty-seven per cent said that lower cost would encourage them to buy an electric vehicle as well as the distance travelled (20 per cent), widely available recharging points (17 per cent) and environmentally friendly (16 per cent)."

So, some work needs to be done to get these potential future electric vehicle owners onboard.  Most importantly, vehicle costs have to still come down.

IAM chief executive Simon Best stated:

"It is clear that the government have a long way to go to convince drivers that electric vehicles really are the future. On the positive side drivers are not worried about safety or comfort issues, but range anxiety and charging infrastructure remain real stumbling blocks."

Range will improve over time as battery advances come into the mix and the charging infrastructure continues to grow daily.  Both of these stumbling blocks seem like they'll be non-issues before the end of the decade.  So, hopefully electric vehicle uptake will increase sharply in the coming years as these remaining stumbling blocks are knocked over one by one.

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