Toshiba's SCiB Rechargeable Battery

Toshiba's SCiB Rechargeable Battery

Toshiba Corporation is introducing its lithium-titanate SCiB batteries for the very first time in the UK. This is not directly related to electric cars, which on the small scale use SCiB (Honda Fit EV and some Mitsubishi MiEVs versions in Japan), but it's always interesting to watch how this segment is developing.

The Japanese company will supply a 1 MWh system, which will be able to provide 2 MW of power to support grid management at the 11 kV level. Installation (scheduled for September) is near Wolverhampton in the West Midland as part of a project lead by the University of Sheffield.  Operation should begin in November this year.

"Large-scale ESS are increasingly seen as a versatile solution in managing electricity supply. Installed in wind and photovoltaic generation systems, ESS can help to overcome intermittent output and frequency fluctuations, as well as performing peak power buffering, and when connected to the grid they can support grid stability and reinforcement. This role in grid management will be investigated in the UK, in the Grid Connected Energy Storage Research Demonstrator project, led by the University of Sheffield, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), with support from both industrial and academic partners."

"The ESS will be connected to the 11kV grid at Western Power Distribution’s Willenhall primary substation, near Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. When the project starts operation in November this year, it will allow testing at realistic levels, and allow assessment of both the technical and economic potential of ESS in the grid."

MINICAB-MiEV VAN 『CD10.5kWh』 with SCiB battery pack

MINICAB-MiEV VAN 『CD10.5kWh』 with SCiB battery pack

1 MWh is equivalent to ~ 40 Nissan LEAF battery packs or 12 Tesla Model S 85, so this is not as big as one would think. However, it is enough to supply a few hundred households for 30-60 minutes.

While no automaker has decided to use SCiB in higher volume EVs, Toshiba is focusing on energy storage systems reaching already a cumulative level of 40 MW. Over 10,000 charge/discharge cycles capability for SCiB of course predestine this chemistry to energy storage applications.

"Toshiba’s SCiB™ is a highly innovative lithium-titanate based secondary battery, distinguished by its long-life and excellent performance: fast charging and discharging in a wide range of temperature conditions; capability to withstand over 10,000 charge-discharge cycles; and high level reliability and operational safety, particularly in terms of low risk of fire, a danger associated with other lithium-ion batteries. ESS based on Toshiba's SCiB™ provide an excellent solution where high performance and long life are required, for example in the provision of efficient and effective frequency regulation."

"Toshiba is promoting battery-based ESS globally as a support for stable power networks, supplying several projects in Japan and around the world, and has already received orders for commercial systems in Italy and Japan, where it has supplied batteries for a 40MW ESS, among the world's largest."

"There is a growing global demand for secure, economical and high quality supply of clean electrical power. Toshiba believes that its range of Smart Grid technologies, including ESS based on SCiB™, will assist in meeting that demand, through support for grid stability and utilization of renewable energy generation systems. Toshiba will continue to develop innovative solutions to support the reliable supply of electrical power, and expects to expand its large-scale battery energy storage systems business in the global market."

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