The Nemesis

The Nemesis

Wind powered cars we typically associate with the Nemesis - an all-electric car built a few years ago by Ecotricity in UK, which was "powered by energy from the wind":

"All powered entirely from the wind. Or to be more precise – green electricity produced by our windmills and delivered by the grid."

We know that it was a bit of a stretch, but now we've found something more close to being a true wind powered car.

Here is the Volkswagen e-up! pulled by a kite! It rolls, but sadly it is useless in real-world and moreover Volkswagen says not to attempt to repeat this.

"Lasse Girolstein and Nadine Reimers checking out the potential of windenergy at a beach in Denmark. It is possible to pull the Volkswagen e-up! purely with windenergy by using a kite."

"Do not attempt. Sequences recorded with professionals on private property."

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