Evatran PLUGLESS Wireless Charging System

Evatran PLUGLESS Wireless Charging System

Here is a video report on the first installation of a PLUGLESS wireless charging system in Quebec.

It contains unique photos from the installation process and video presenting how it really works in the case of a Chevrolet Volt user.

As it turns out, the driver...who made the video (Guy, also known as Driverguy01 around here in the comments - hat tip to you!) sees a light indicator and gets some sort of numerical score showing how well the vehicle is aligned, which might be useful in the beginning.

First Installation in Canada,Quebec.

Première installation au Canada, Québec.

For more info, turn on the subtitles / Pour plus d'information, activez les sous-titres"

Guy says of the system:

"I have this system and i would not go back to the plug, ever. No more than the gas station… unless I need it. People who reject this have no idea. It is the future, period.  I am so surprised a lot of EV pioneers think the plug will be the norm for a long time, that’s like saying wifi wont catch on because you get faster speeds when plugged.

The cost for the adapter install under the car is under 2 hours work at certified dealer.

Install at home will be a little bit more than regular L2, 3 holes to drill for induction pad placement and pairing of the car to the CP (maybe half an hour more).

Efficiency is about 85 to 89%, so for me, $50/year more…. i can afford that for not having to plug in with a smile!

Here is my video of my install:"

Guy also let us know you can also check out his full and more pictures here @ Time to Electrify!

...much thanks to Driverguy01!

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