Carice Mk1

Carice Mk1

Carice Mk1

Carice Mk1 a readily available open-top pure electric vehicle.

If you responded with the Carice Mk1, then you're right.

The electric Carice Mk1 is available to order today in Europe, though it production run for some odd reason is extremely limited (only 10 units ?!?!?).

Carice is a niche automaker from the Netherlands.  It's first-ever vehicle is the Carice Mk1, a retro-looking electric roadster.

Pricing is rather cheap €26,620 (£21,358), so we're stumped as to why production is limited to only 10 units.  Surely, hundreds or even thousands of these could be sold in a flash.  Officially, Carice says that 10 units is its initial produciton run, so let's hope more will follow.

The Carice Mk1 weights only 350 kg (771 pounds), so it doesn't require much power to move along.  Mk1 can be ordered with either a 20 hp electric motor or optionally one that puts out 54 hp.  If you opt for the 54 hp motor, then you can also select a range-extending engine.  Top speed of the higher-powered version is only 62 MPH.  However, range is claimed to be a decent 70 miles and the vehicle can be recharged in 2 hours.

Our advice to those in Europe looking for an open-top electric vehicle is to order this Carice Mk1 right now.  We certainly would if we could.

Source: Autocar

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