2015 Smart ForFour

2015 Smart ForFour

Daimler confirmed that it will offer electrified versions of both the next-generation Smart ForTwo and ForFour.

The next-gen Smart Fortwo ED is now expected to arrive no earlier than 2016 as Daimler attempts to extract some value over the existing platform which was relatively late to market in the current gen's life cycle.

The current-gen Smart Fortwo ED will continue to be produced until the arrival of the next-gen model.

Alongside the next ForTwo ED will be the arrival of the first-ever electric ForFour.

But reportedly, this vehicle could potentially end up beating the next-gen Fortwo ED to market.  There's no firm launch date yet for the ForFour ED, but we suspect it may be released as early as late 2015.

Daimler says that the electric Fortwo and ForFour are both part of Smart's grand initiative to offer the “most extensive portfolio of electric vehicles in the industry.”

Source: De Telegraaf

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