First Greek Model S Test Drive

First Greek Model S Test Drive

Several years ago, Greece was hit hard by economic collapse and, as it turns out, just 25 electric cars are in circulation there now!

One of the main reasons mentioned in article is the luxury tax on electric vehicles. Ouch...

There was also "absence of succinct legislation" and charging stations needed a special license for supplying electrical energy. Soon, operators will be categorized as final consumers with the right to resell power as a service.

According to article, Greece's Environment and Energy Minister, Yiannis Maniatis, believes that the use of electric cars will benefit the Greek economy.

"The first phase of the program, which will be supervised by a special committee set up at the ministry’s General Secretariat for Energy, foresees an integrated “Network of Electric Mobility” operating in pilot form. Besides coordinating all the various parties involved, the committee will also be responsible for the public information campaign."

The European Union would like to see 13,000 charging points in Greece by the end of 2020, however minimum requirements have not been adopted so that won't happen, at least not in a market with 25 EVs and a luxury tax for EVs.


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