Recently, on June 2nd, 2014, the Birmingham City Council launched a 6-month fleet trial with an all electric Nissan LEAF.  The goal of the trial is to see if the council will be able to expand its use of green vehicles.

2014 Nissan LEAF

2014 Nissan LEAF

The Home Care Team, which deliver "out-of-hours" care to those in residential and community environments, has been chosen to take part in the 6-month trial of the LEAF. Reason for selecting Home Care Team is that its current fleet of vehicles is the most out of date, as well as in the highest need of replacement.

The council's Climate Change and Environment team will calculate the driver use and efficiency and those calculation will be compared to the fuel costs and emissions of their current diesel vehicles throughout the entire 6-month trial.

This is perfect way to compare the new with the old to see what difference a green vehicle can make. As Cabinet member for health and well-being, John Cotton stated:

“This is a great opportunity, through our partnerships with Nissan and Cenex, to look at how we can make our transport fleet greener and more efficient"

“The Home Care Team will be trying out this new electric vehicle for six months, which will provide a green and efficient resource for the department who generate high mileage as they visit residents across the city. Switching from a diesel to an electric vehicle will help the council save money as well as help the environment.”

Source: FleetNews

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